Privacy Policy and Cookies

Who we are?

In a world waking up to the consequences of centuries of unrestrained consumption and environmental neglect, a new era is emerging – an era not just of sustainability, but of active regeneration. “ 111 Next ” is born at this crucial threshold, as a beacon of knowledge, inspiration and transformative action.

What personal data we collect from you and why we collect it

Your privacy is very important to  111 NEXT !

When using 111 NEXT services , you share a lot of information. This is very important for services to be improved and for you to have a unique and personalized online experience. Furthermore, by knowing 111 NEXT ‘s privacy policy , you will be able to contribute to modulating your experience on the website according to your navigation choices, making 111 NEXT  increasingly yours.

To adapt to user expectations, 111 NEXT  may modify its Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to services and products offered by partner companies through advertisements or links on 111 NEXT .

Below we have listed essential information for free and conscious navigation. Please read carefully, as these provisions regulate your relationship with the 111 NEXT website !

How and what information do I share with 111 NEXT?

 You share personal and access information with 111 NEXT in different ways:

When providing personal information through registrations . When creating your own account to browse the website, when contracting the services available there, when sending promotional forms, you fill out registrations, informing name, address, zip code, registration number with the Taxpayer Registry, general registration number (ID), contact telephone number, nationality, financial data, which are stored by 111 NEXT .

Therefore, the veracity of the data provided is of paramount importance, considering that it is through these that 111 NEXT will make any contact with you, which makes you responsible for the statements you make that may cause harm to yourself, to 111 NEXT  and/or third parties.

By sharing access information during your browsing . When browsing the 111 NEXT website without disabling cookies or opting for anonymous browsing, you share your application access history with 111 NEXT , which is stored through the use of specific technologies for collecting information (“Anonymous Identifiers” and “cookies”). This sharing, however, does not cover the storage of your personal data or information, such as: name, address, email, among others, but only provides you with interaction with the Portal and services available therein in accordance with your choices. navigation, so that these will shape the services and advertisements offered to you.

Therefore, when accessing the website pages and making use of 111 NEXT Services  without disabling such technologies (“Anonymous Identifiers” or “cookies”), you expressly choose this type of navigation aimed exclusively at your interests and, therefore, authorize the storage of information through these technologies.

How does 111 Next use the information I share?

The information you share with 111 NEXT  is for the purpose of managing, administering, providing, expanding and improving the website and services. Furthermore, considering the possibility of the user shaping their navigation in relation to the data that is relevant to them, the use of shared information allows the user to self-determine the use of information.

111 NEXT may share the data provided by you with other 111 NEXT companies or third party partners, in Brazil or abroad, always respecting the purposes assigned to its sharing, being certain that for this purpose 111 NEXT  will request your prior consent

Furthermore, 111 NEXT  will use your registration data provided through electronic forms available on the website and services, to better direct you to commercial, advertising or sponsored content on its pages.

As for the access information shared by you when visiting the 111 NEXT website and stored through “Anonymous Identifiers” or “cookies”, this will also be used with the aim of improving the website and services in accordance with your user choices. navigation, as well as to generate general statistical data for informational and commercial purposes. This information may also be shared with third party partners, however, without revealing names or browsing data, in the same way, if you browse partner sites, records of your browsing on these sites will be shared by these partners with o 111 NEXT .

In the event of a formal request by any public authority, you are aware that 111 NEXT  will forward your personal data, regardless of prior notification.

To which services and content accessed does this Policy not apply?

This Privacy Policy  does not apply to content relating to advertisements and links published by 111 NEXT partners . In these cases, it is essential that you, when accessing such publications, look for and read the Privacy Policy linked to the content you access.

What are my options regarding data storage through 111 NEXT ?

Sharing your data is always a choice made by you. Remember that you can disable “cookies” before browsing or perform anonymous browsing.

111 NEXT  warns, however, that some services may be significantly impaired or even become inaccessible if you choose not to share your access data or personal information.

Regarding the sharing of access information through “Anonymous Identifiers” or “cookies”, if this is not of interest to you, simply adjust the configuration of your browser or Internet access device. Therefore, you will need to register again each time you access a service that requires prior registration, as all Anonymous Identifiers (and not just those from 111 NEXT ) will be disabled from your browser.

You can disable data storage in two ways: by disabling “cookies”, which may limit your browsing; or browsing anonymously (the “cookies” and “anonymous identifiers” will be deleted after your visit to the website).

Disabling cookies

Control over the sharing of cookie information is through your browser. Therefore, to totally or partially prevent sharing via this technology, you will have to modify your browser settings.

To find out how to modify these settings, check the browser you are using and follow the instructions in the respective link below:

Internet Explorer

Is my information protected with 111 NEXT?

111 NEXT  is concerned with the security of your information and, therefore, adopts high levels of data protection security based on the best practices adopted by the market, taking all necessary measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, access unauthorized or improper removal of your personal data. Some of these means are security passwords and encryption used on its servers and in the data transmitted.

Despite the efforts made by 111 NEXT  to ensure the security of your data, the use of services and access to internet content involves some risks and exposures. Therefore, it is essential that you also do your part, taking the following measures that can reduce the risks involved:

· never give your password to third parties.
· create a difficult-to-guess password by combining letters, numbers and special characters.
· avoid using a single password for multiple sites and don’t forget to change them periodically or immediately if you suspect it has been compromised.
· use the “exit” or “logoff” button after finishing your navigation.
· pay extra attention when accessing personal accounts on publicly accessible computers or networks.
· Always have your operating system and antivirus updated.

The password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access. The more complex it is, the stronger the protection against attacks and violations of your privacy.

What content is personalized based on the information I share?

Practically all content you access on 111 NEXT services can be personalized, although 111 NEXT also provides you with services and news of general interest. This means that instead of showing the same content to all users, 111 NEXT  can build a profile based on your application access history, presenting you, in addition to content and services of general interest, content and services closest to those your interests.

This occurs in numerous situations: on website pages, in electronic communications, and in advertisements and publicity presented to you.

Regarding personalized advertising, if you do not choose to disable cookies or browse anonymously, these will be directed to you, based on products observed when visiting other websites. In this situation, if it is not in your interest to receive them, you can disable the advertising banner by clicking on the icon located in the right corner of it. It is worth remembering that only personalized advertisements will contain this icon and this possibility of disabling.

Personalization is advantageous, as it makes it possible to provide you with a platform, which despite containing content of general interest, is modulated in order to get as close as possible to your interests and preferences.

I’m not the only user of this computer. Should I be careful with my privacy?

It is very important that you take certain precautions when sharing a computer with other people. This is because your personal information is linked not only to your registration profile, but also to the web browser used.

Thus, the application access history of all people who used the same web browser will be available to anyone who accesses it, which could compromise the privacy of other users.

There are some measures that can be taken to prevent this sharing of information between users of the same device (computer, cell phone, tablet) or web browser (browser), they are: creating an account on the device itself (computer, cell phone, tablet ) for each user; the use of anonymous browsing; and the disabling of “cookies”.