North Korea fires cruise missiles for third in a week


North Korea fired cruise missiles again this Tuesday (30). This is the third time in a week that the North Korean military has carried out such an exercise, according to South Korea.

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The South Korean military said several missiles had been identified along the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. The exact number has not yet been released.

Where did this come from?

With this, South Korea said it is monitoring North Korea’s “provocations” in “close coordination with the United States.” Intelligence bodies from both countries analyze North Korean activities.

On Sunday (28), North Korea announced that it had tested a new strategic cruise missile, launched from a submarine, called “Pulhwasal-3-31”.

On January 23, Pyongyang also fired multiple cruise missiles.

It is worth remembering that the Korean Peninsula will face an escalation of efforts in recent months. Relations between South Korea and North Korea have deteriorated in recent years, causing military exercises in the region to become more frequent.

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While South Korea has carried out military actions in partnership with the United States and Japan, North Korea has shown signs that it is preparing for war.

Furthermore, in late 2023, Kim Jong-un ordered the North Korean army to prepare for a possible conflict. The leader also called for urgency to accelerate preparations for war.

Recently, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, stated that any provocation from an enemy would result in a “baptism of fire” response.

Between January 5th and 7th, North Korea fired shots in a maritime border region with South Korea. The artillery fire caused South Korea to ask residents of islands in the region to seek shelter.