For the first time, in the US, a mother is convicted of murder for giving a gun as a gift to her son who used to kill classmates

The mother of a teenager who randomly shot his schoolmates and killed four people in the United States was convicted of manslaughter this Tuesday (6) for giving the murder weapon to the young man, who is under 18 years. 

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At the time of the crime, the son was 15 years old and still received a pistol as a Christmas present.

As a result, the woman gave the gun as a gift even though she knew there were signs that indicated that her son could be violent, according to prosecutors.

She was convicted of four manslaughters, that is, without intent to kill.

According to American media outlets, this is the first time that those responsible for a teenager who killed classmates have been convicted of murder.

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Where did this come from?

It’s good to remember that this story began on November 30, 2021, the parents of a teenager were called to their son’s school, in the city of Oxford Township, in the state of Michigan. A teacher found a drawing with images of violence on the student’s school desk.

The teacher asked the parents to go to the school, showed the drawing and asked the couple to seek specialized help for the teenager.

The parents were told to take their child home immediately, but they did not want to do so, and the student returned to the classroom.

A little later, the teenager went to the bathroom with his backpack and came out shooting with a SIG Sauer 9mm.