Baby gorilla is born prematurely after emergency cesarean section in the US

A zoo in Fort Worth, Texas (USA), recorded the birth of a premature baby gorilla.

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As a result, the animal was born weighing just under 1.4 kg in an emergency cesarean section in early January, after its mother suffered complications during pregnancy.

The baby was named Jameela, which means “beautiful” in Swahili – a language spoken in East Africa. She is the daughter of Sekani, a 33-year-old gorilla who has three other children.

This was the third gorilla birth in the zoo’s 115-year history and the first by cesarean section. The case required the participation of doctors who treat humans.

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Namely, the birth of the firstborn was scheduled to take place in mid-February, but had to be brought forward after the mother showed symptoms of preeclampsia, a serious blood pressure disease that can occur during pregnancy in humans and primates.

“Participating in the delivery of Sekani’s baby by cesarean section was one of the highlights of my entire career as an obstetrician and gynecologist,” said doctor Jamie Walker Erwin.

“I was surprised to see how Sekani’s anatomy matched that of my human patients,” he added.