Generation Z Ditches Smartphones for ‘Dumbphones’ in Tech Rebellion

The advancement of technology has been changing the behavior of Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2005. Instead of using smartphones for daily activities, young people are opting for older cell phones, popularly known as “dumbphones.”

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The main reasons for this shift are the advancement of artificial intelligence, the dangers posed by the new system, and the prioritization of mental health. Being constantly connected has led to fatigue and anxiety problems, thus prompting a return to the use of older devices.

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“There does seem to be a growing awareness of the risks of cell phones, more specifically of social media addiction, of the implications in daily life,” said André Miceli, an MBA professor at FGV ( SP-Brazil), in a report published by Propmark website, this Tuesday (5).

The preference for simpler phones without modern features intensifies due to deep fakes and algorithms, which have been detrimental to people’s health.

“This movement seems to be a response to anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and self-image problems. There are many issues that end up being influenced by smartphones, and there is a portion of the population wanting to stay away from that,” added the expert.