More than 50% of cars sold in the US by 2032 will be electric

By 2032, most cars sold in the US will have to leave the factory with electric engines.

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As a result, the new rules, which have just been announced by the American environmental agency, were received as one of the most profound transformations in the history of the American automobile industry.

At the same time, however, the Biden Administration recognized that the transition could not be as accelerated as its original intention, and gave automakers more time to comply with the rules.

Furthermore, the legislation, which resulted from three years of studies and debates coordinated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will apply to passenger cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. 

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According to the EPA, the transition to a green fleet will prevent the release of 7.2 tons of CO2 over 30 years. The number is also equivalent to the annual emission of greenhouse gasses in the USA. 

Each automaker will have the freedom to decide its production and sales mix, as long as they respect the emission limits stipulated by the transition rules. The practical effect will be that more than half of the cars produced will not have traditional gasoline engines.

The transition parameters stipulated by the new legislation will come into force for 2027 models. According to EPA projections, cars with batteries – 100% electric or hybrid – are expected to reach 56% of sales by 2032.

Last year, the EPA had presented targets for more ambitious transition plans, which, in practical terms, would force 60% of new cars to be exclusively electric (EVs) by 2030.