More than 1 billion meals end up in the trash every day around the world

The UN released the results of a global study on food waste.

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It is not because of a lack of food that so many people go hungry in the world. Food production would be enough to supply all of humanity. This is what the UN report released this Wednesday (27) states.

As a result, on the same planet where hunger affects more than 780 million people, 1 billion meals are wasted every day. This gives an average of 132 kg of food thrown in the trash per person each year.

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And this is not just a problem for rich countries, with greater purchasing power. Food loss occurs more intensely in hot countries, such as Brazil, where there are problems in preserving food due to lack of adequate refrigeration.

According to the report, the cost of food loss and waste is approximately $1 trillion per year. Of the total food wasted in the world, 60% happened at home, 28% in restaurants, bars and cafeterias and 12% in supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets and open-air markets.