After pact, 80-year-old woman keeps friend’s corpse in suitcase for 1 year

A suitcase abandoned on the corner of a street in Santiago de Chile revealed an unusual case.

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A garbage collector passing through the commune of Ñuñoa, in the east of the city, found the suitcase and decided to take it home because he thought it would have some value.

But, upon smelling a “bad smell” and realizing its contents, he abandoned it in a nearby location, where the police finally found it.

The suitcase contained the remains of a woman who died a year ago.

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As images from security cameras in the region reveal, the suitcase was left on the street by an 80-year-old woman — and the remains belonged to her friend, 21 years younger, with whom she supposedly shared a strong religious devotion.

Thus, according to the local press, the two women had met in a parish and decided to become consecrated laypeople and wear blue habits.

However, the Catholic Church stated, through a statement released by the Archdiocese, that it has no record that the victim was religious, nor the elderly woman who left the suitcase.

She had kept her friend’s body in recent months due to a friendship “pact”, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.