Company will allow users to unlink Facebook, Messenger and Instagram after European Union demands


The company Meta announced this Monday (22) that it will allow users to unlink their accounts from Facebook, Instagram and other services to meet the requirements of the Digital Markets Law (DMA) in Europe, which will tighten the rules against big techs from March 2024. 

The change affects users in the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland.

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With this, these users will be able to use various company services without their information being shared between them. 

As an example, people will be able to use Messenger without a Facebook account, and if they have previously linked their Facebook and Instagram accounts, they can unlink them to prevent data exchange.

Where did this come from?

It is worth remembering that the change is a measure to adapt to the new Digital Markets Law (DMA), which comes into force from March in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area and Switzerland. The new rules regulate advertising content, fraudulent interfaces, dissemination of false information and digital security.

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According to Meta, responsible for Instagram and Facebook, notifications will be sent in the coming weeks that will inform about the possibility of choosing whether to share information. The affected social networks will be:




Facebook Marketplace;

Facebook Gaming.

Therefore, the decision, according to the company, contributes to security in the virtual environment and greater control of personal data. In November, it also introduced an ad-free paid subscription option for Facebook and Instagram in the EU, citing unspecified regulatory changes.

Thus, the Meta company emphasizes that users can have a limited experience without data binding. As an example, it would not be possible to communicate on the Marketplace through Messenger. Gaming users will be limited to single-player games if they choose to unlink their data from Facebook.