Canada limits entry of foreign students


Canada announced last Monday (23) that it will limit entry permits to foreign students into the country for two years.

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Where did this come from?

This is because, according to the country’s Government, the number has grown a lot in recent years and contributed to accentuating the housing and health system crisis.

With this, the Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, announced that Canada intends to approve around 360,000 permits for foreigners at graduation this year.

It is worth remembering that Canada was home to more than 800,000 foreign students in 2022, while a decade earlier this number was 214,000.

The limit will apply to students in international baccalaureate and undergraduate programs, however it will not affect students requesting the renewal of permissions already granted.

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Therefore, in the new model, each province and territory will receive a certain portion of permissions that can be granted, the regional distribution was defined based on the size of the local population and the current volume of enrollments.

Therefore, provinces will then decide how to internally distribute these permits to universities.

Additionally, as part of the change, starting in September, the government will also no longer grant work permits to students graduating from colleges with a public-private model, which is more common in the province of Ontario.

“It is unacceptable that some private institutions are taking advantage of foreign students, operating campuses with few resources, without supporting students and charging high tuition fees, while significantly increasing the number of students from outside the country,” said Miller.