Japan releases photo of perfect moon landing


Japan released an unprecedented image of the lunar soil, captured by its unmanned “SLIM” probe, this Thursday (25). The module landed on the Moon on Friday (19), making Japan the 5th country in the world to achieve this feat.

++ Japan makes history and becomes the 5th country in the world to land on the Moon

Where did this come from?

With this, the Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa) reported that the probe was able to photograph and transmit data using an ejectable robot. Other data is still being analyzed by scientists.

Furthermore, the landing of the SLIM (Intelligent Landing Module to Investigate the Moon) was made just a few meters from the target stipulated by the Japanese.

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By way of comparison, more conventional landings have a precision of kilometers, something that limits exploration in specific locations, with many rocks, for example.

As a result, the agency stated that it was able to receive data from the module just under 3 hours after landing on the Moon. The information was sent before the probe lost power.

Also according to Jaxa, the SLIM’s solar panels were unable to generate electricity due to a possible incorrect positioning of the equipment. However, a change in the direction of sunlight can correct the problem.